Neogreenmonster also known as Insectroopers start drawing on the street since 2005, initially he created "wildstyle" graffiti on the street. After several years of struggling with the letter, he began interested in developing the character of graffiti, because He said that, the message conveyed through the characters can be received and understood by many people. Since neogreenmonster born, he often follow several exhibitions and doing live painting at various events. Neogreenmonster is a green beetle character who born from the neighborhood. He was born in Kuningan city, a small Town under the mountain of Ciremai. Green environment makes the process of establishing the characters he created influenced by nature. Initially he made a few characters, but after selection, he eventually became the character who matches with the concept and mission that he wants to develop in the future .

Grinvader focus brings the "Go green" issue, with the character that he developed, he wants to open the eyes of every person, that the Earth must be completely guarded. he wants to continue to indoctrinate the people with messages and symbols that he included about go green, not only in Indonesia, even to the whole world. He wants to go on and on trying to make people aware through his works. Currently he enjoys activities that he lived. he went to college, worked, and continue to draw at every opportunity . He chose a career in the street art because he thought it was free, he does not have to be glued in raw art, he can freely work with what he wants to convey through his work. Many people say, what did he do with the "go green" issue just futile , but he don't care, he just wants to keep the Earth.

He gets a lot of inspiration from the neighborhood, which makes nature he never lost the idea he's also getting a lot of inspiration from some of his friends were also street artist.
When weekend coming, he waste the time to draw in his home town. sometimes he did some trip into town to draw together with some street artists from other cities.



Neogreenmonster also known as Insectroopers is a graffiti artist, Character designer and Illustrator based in Indonesia. He was inspired by the creatures around him, especially the insects that live in the mountains. When creating his works and imaginative characters, Neo likes to include elements of Mythology, graffiti and urban culture from all over the world in his artworks.


Jl.Siliwangi No.55
Ciputat - Ciawigebang
Kuningan / 45591
Hotline / Text to : +6287796953537